Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Mark Burnette...public enemy number one.

Everywhere I look I am being bombarded by the less than moral conduct of the likes of the Kardashians, Snookie and her band of dubious representatives of New Jersey's finest, the Real Wives of every city imaginable where over-idulgence, snobbery, and catfighting gives you a star on the Walk of Fame.

Please explain to me how it is a good thing to create media darlings out of girls in their teens pregnant and letting it all out for the world to see?

Bad behavior has been around since mankind stopped long enough to create more than a nomadic lifestyle...and let's face it, nomads weren't exactly roll models for our young to emulate either...back stabbing for the best hunk of mutton or leg of dinosaur...okay before you rail on me for that, I KNOW mankind and T-Rex didn't really walk together...unless they did. With all the human skeletons being unearthed dating much further back than Science professed possible, who am I to say with any assurity, mankind and our gigantic reptillian fore-creatures did not exist at the same time?

For now, though, we will assume they didn't...still caveosapien hunted so it's likely, given the basics of the battle between the strong and weak for dominance, bullying was ingrained in their DNA.

The premise, though, behind becoming "civil" is we learn better ways to be "creatures"...in this case homosapiens.

In the downspiraling economy we have today, how rude is it to boast quite happily about the extravanace of the kinds of weddings thrown by the likes of the Karadashians...people who parlayed their star into fame with x-rated videos...mysteriously ESCAPING onto the world scene.

Does anyone REALLY care that Gene Simmons after how many years with Shannon Tweed...(How old are their children/)...used their decision to wed as a ratings booster for their reality show? It didn't seem to bother either of them they'd maintained their unmarried state before. But then, they didn't need something to make sure their reality show was picked up for another season.

Whine, whine, whine. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, NYC, New Jersey and God knows how many other places. You married rich men who have a long history of being less than committed to the sanctity of their previous wives, but when your tenure is growing long in the tooth and the mogul begins looking elsewhere you act like it's a big surprise. It was okay when you were the one he was cheating with. Not once did you give the wife being dishonored in the media and everywhere else a single thought but you want the world to wail and call foul when it is your turn?

Leopards do not change their spots, and cheating men, their spots go as deep as their helmeted little head down below.

That little brain is the real core of these men and short of exercising Loreena Bobbit's solution, it's going to lead him to younger, more supple conquests until he's found his permanent home in places like Forest Lawn Cemetary.

Mark Burnett...you brought us the SURVIVOR soap opera and hawked it as REALITY TV. Stranded in some remote place on this planet you have to survive with the camera rolling. I wonder how many REAL people stranded over the centuries wish they'd had a crew of camera people to document their fall into animalism...and hand them a tid bit or two when they could not face the idea of raw rattler one more time.

Mr. Burnett...

IF reality TV is so wonderful, how come you haven't put your own life with current wife Roma Downey on TV for the world to gawk at?

Sir, you have dummied down the people living in this 21st century, and for that, you should be public enemy number one.

I for one refuse to watch the junk on TV because watching a bunch of ill-mannered twenty-somethings get roaringly drunk then having fist fights one moment and hawking new lines of perfumes the next is just TOO MUCH scripted reality for me.