Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How One Becomes a DUMBASS Independent

I was born into a family that was...to put it mildy...


My Dad, a first generation Polish American,

son of a wall paper hanger,

married into money, my Mom, and quickly rallied himself, with mom's money, right into becoming a

High Muckety-Muck in the

Republican Party.

Mom, having grown up with wealth, and sired by a man who'd been

a general, and mothered by a woman with a heart of

pure indulgent gold, became a staunchly supportive


In my home...I was born in the very last month of 1951. I got used to having the movers and the shakers popping in and out of the house at regular intervals. People like,

James Michener, himself a staunch donkey,

Pearl S. Buck, another donkey,

Gene Tierney...not sure I remember if she was a donkey or an elephant, but you get the idea.

My youngest brother's first girlfriend was the niece of the then Philadelphia Mayor...and no, I won't name which one...Gerry was a dog to her and I really liked her.

Mom was the only one to ever hold a political office. For a period, I think two years...I was a kid...time had little relevance...

she was a District Magistrate. I'm not sure they still have them, but they were like local judges. Today I think the position is assigned to Township Judges...the one you appear before when you get a ticket? Also the one who does the preliminary hearing stuff before sending you on to the

BIG Judge.

Dad was livid that Mom got elected, but when he decided to run for something or other, he lost by a landslide.

This made for great tension in the H(ell) household. As a child,

hiding behind the couch during the "BIG MEETS", I could never understand why the Republicans so hated the Democrats, and vice-versa. It just didn't seem to coalesce with the tenets of the stuff the

priests spout about loving our neighbors as we would

love ourselves.

How is mucking together a bunch of lies, tossing them out there, so they discredit the other side loving?

The two years my mother was DM, dad ritualistically came up with many methods to destroy her DM sign. Finally it just up and totally disappeared. The Democrats are sure it was stolen...but I learned differently when I happened to climb the steps to the

garage attic. I shudder to think how many whacks Dad swung to make the pieces so powdery fine there was no way that thing was ever going to be put back together again.

Things settled down a bit when Mom chose not to run for a second term, but they still had their BIG MEETINGS, and

Mom and Dad still ranted and raved at each other every opportunity they got.

If I were not aware Mom started getting drunk back during prohibition...(she and Dad met in a

Speakeasy)...I would have sworn Dad's staunch Republican tricks drove her to drink. For myself, I knew when I got old enough to actually become a part of the political scene I was not

swinging towards either of my parents.

I AM an independent...so I can spout anything I want and not be disloyal to either party.

Let me start...You BOTH have certifiable

jackasses in your ranks.

Over the weeks, months, and if lucky, years to come I will speak upon them.

Why am I, at this late date in my evolution choosing to do this?

I am six months and six days shy of being sixty. I think it's nigh on time I started sharing my observations and wisdom.

Don't you?

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