Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Nudge is taking exception with me because I've forced her to hold onto her "P's & Q's" when it's her thoughts about current events.

"Lin, it's time to do more than spin your wheels," she argues. "When you were in college, and afterwards as a teacher, you expected to deal with

CURRENT EVENTS. Just because you have all these books out, and all the ones in the sub pipeline, you've decided to ignore

"MOUTHING OFF? Not going to happen. Either you get off your pseudo banality, or I am going to crank out more story ideas while you're sleeping, and then where will we all be?"

So forgive me for giving in to Nudge, but I need my sleep.

Welcome to Installment One in Nudge and Me Mouthing off about current events.

Excuse a second while I scratch an annoying itch Nudge sent my way to convince me sleep is not ALL she'll interfere with if I don't give in.

Where to begin? There is just soooo much insanity in the current world, I think I need a dart board I can Velcro topics to and then let my dubious

eagle eyes and equally dubious archer's mastery have at it.

Kardashians...are these people real?

72 days is all a marriage that cost boo-cooo bucks on lasts?

I seem to recall, back during the Dream Team Trial of Mr. Speedy...how many remember the low-speed chase of one OJ Simpson?...and the Kardashian name surfaced as one of those lawyers.

That's not the Kardashian insanity we are getting now. The mom, whatsername...you know married to the

Jenner guy who looks like he's had a WHOLE ocean-full of BAD plastic surgery...reminds of another mom.

A lot of you won't remember Zsa Zsa, Magda, and Eva Gabor's mother.

Or Gypsy Rose Lee and her sister Junie's mother, but Mama Kardashian-Jenner reminds me so much of them.

I mean seriously, the recent newly-wed and now offically divorcing..is it Kim Kardashian's?...first claim to fame came when the X-rated video of her doing the rumpy-pumpy found its way onto the internet for sale. The outrage Mrs. Divorce Him barely before the ink is dry, Kardashian-Jenner, expressed at that time just never seemed to ring true.

As the mother, Mrs. Kardashian-Jenner, now allegedly the manager of her over-the-top glory seeking, money obsessed offspring, is there no shame? professed anger over someone invading her daughter's privacy. Is money, notoriety, fame more important than decency anhd respect for one's

moral compass? And privacy? Having reality shows affords you PRIVACY? How, where, when?

Okay I get the concept of striking while the fire is hot.

Judge Judy says beauty is fleeting, dumb is forever...looks will fade, or stretch to the point of characateurishness, so might as well cushion the personal bank vaults before gravity, over inflated plastic surgery, and age pull everything down.

Boobs DO head southward and nipples end up kissing kneecaps. BUT life is supposed to be about learning how to LOVE and care for ALL of God's children...not just a few avaricious selves.

I've given this a lot of thought...Realty TV has dummied us down, and urged people to commit acts that are so outrageous, in any other time, they'd be

tarred and feathered at the least.

Yet today, it has become the norm. Have we become Sodom and Gomorrah?

I hear the still snide comments about Anjelina Joile and Brad Pitt. They've been together longer now than his marriage to Jennifer Aniston...And on that topic I say...You cannot steal another's husband or wife because they won't be looking outside the marriage if the marriage is fulfilling.

Admittedly I do not know MANY that have stood the test of time and are married to only one person for the entirety of their lives.

My parents remained married...(I remember the 25th wedding anniversary us, their kids, threw in their honor...) but in their case they probably both would have been happier if they'd cut their losses very early and moved on. I know we kids would have been. Constantly fighting parents does not a happy home make. In their era divorce was frowned on both socially, and within the accordance of their religions.

I know many are upset with the Jolie-Pitts for having children out of wedlock, but they both seem to enjoy being family and are pictured with them a lot of the time. More importantly, the children seem happy.

I want to praise Gabrielle Giffords...a modern day role model of true heroics. Many of the current politicians have no idea what hardship is about. She also does not have first hand experience of the difficulties so many of us have in trying to find two pennies to rub together when the cupboard is bare...

but she knows a deeper battle...one that required her to come back from the brink of death with grace, dignity, courage, and tolerance. Thankyou Congresswoman Gifford for reminding us about true heroics. May I grow up to be HALF the woman you are?

And finally, Nudge and I want to thank Muse It Up Publishing. This new...only a little over a year old...publishers,

Lea Schizas and Litsa Kamateros repeatedly show those of us lucky enough to belong to Muse, how honorable a publishing house can be.

My daughter and

I have had experience with the opposite. I did a tour through the Preditors & Editors website checking out publishing houses. There are a LOT of bad places out there.

Muse just recently brought together

40 plus authors in Montreal to celebrate the magic this publishing house possesses and the great respect Lea and Litsa have for their authors, editors and cover artists. How incredible it is to have not one single doubt about your publisher's integrity. Since I have been with Muse at it's beginning, no one has seen this more clearly than me.

So for my parting words I want to thank Lea, Litsa,

Delilah, our head CA and her coterie of artists, as well as the editors who take our

raw gems and polish until we have
diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, pearls, and jade,  no longer in the rough.

That's this taste MOUTHING OFF by Nudge and me. I'm turning a page on my notebook now to take notes for the next journey into Lin and  Nudge Give Modern Nutsiness a verbal What For. Hope you'll join us and see what stirs us to rant on about.

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