Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We ALL know how powerful

President Obama is. Look at how he has forced his opposition to buckle down and get Obama's work done. We got the recent debt ceiling through EXACTLY as

the all powerful Obama commanded. We saw

the power Obama had during last year's election to exert his power on the Country to keep

BOTH HOUSES controlled by HIS people, and we know no court would dare declare the

Obama health plan improper...right?

Oh wait...didn't one of the courts just do that very thing?

And isn't Boehner, the red tinged Republican leader of the House of Representatives and Speaker of the House, with it's Republican majority butting heads with the President almost to the point one wonders what exactly they all think they were elected to do...stall the programs needed for the people while they exert their muscles?

And oh yeah the recent bill that DID pass for the debt ceiling crisis still does not authorize taxing the upper 2% that get all the loophole tax breaks anyway so nine times out of ten pay nothing...which I believe Obama wanted.

Omnipotent? Who says?

So today we have an earthquake here on the east coast and what are some loonies saying..."FIGURES OBAMA WOULD BE OUT OF D.C."

Uhmmm if President Obama really had that kind of power, he could just wave his hand and make Mother Nature and any one else do his bidding. Would the opposition have spent so much time gnawing away on the


I mean seriously...considering how contentious today's political atmosphere is, and any truth in Obama's lack of citizenry, this would not have been gleaned out by his very own party before the primaries? With the power of her position as former first lady, do you really think if Obama had not been legitimate,

Hillary Clinton would not have unearthed it?

Secretary of State Clinton has had to deal with scandals enough to know how to

ferret out any discrepancies long before the

Primary race came to its conclusions...AND given her experience with politically motivated scandal, would she latch onto the position of Secretary of State under a man who won't stand up under the proof test?

Obama leaves D.C. and tells his servant Mother Nature to cut loose on Washington in his absence. For what purpose? What benefit can he possibly glean from having

the Washington Monument closed until further notice?

Did the quake close down the Capitol? NO.

Seems to me the one act committed in recent memory that affected the balance in the House took place in Arizona when a mad man, riled for whatever reasons, chose to believe

Gabrielle Gifford was the source of political evil needing eradication. That she is a Democrat and not a vote President Obama would want silenced, seems to suggest his omnipotence is sorely lacking.

So what do I think?

Did Obama's predecessor cause Mother Nature to unleash her fury with

Hurricane Katrina? I don't remember hearing anyone accuse him of that. What I did hear was

President Bush's attention to it AFTER it did what it did, lacked much.

The damage from

this earthquake...can we compare it to the devastation of Katrina, or the policies Obama tried to enforce but was voted down by that so under his thumb Congress, when the

oil spill happened? I haven't heard people died, had their homes destroyed or the

ecosystem tarred and feathered.

Admittedly because I too felt the power of this quake...yeah, the pressure made me

nauseous, I have not followed every report...so maybe I am totally wrong in thinking compared to Katrina, this is a minor glitch, but whether it is a BIG deal or

a hiccup, I know President Obama does not have the power to decide on August 23rd,

Virginia is going to have an earthquake that would ripple and shake its way up the eastern seaboard and he is going to be vacationing in Martha's Vinyard.

I wonder if the people in

Canada think the President of the United States sent the quake their way too?

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