Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bend Over & Smile!

Politicians really think we should do that and be grateful when they f**k us. And none has my gander up more now than Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Republicans have a tendency to cater to the rich and shaft the poor, but this man has taken it to new heights!

He's screwed up left and right since taking office. We had, shortly after he became governor, terrible flooding here. The governor was nowhere to be found. NOWHERE! Turns out he was in Florida with his family on vacation and when informed of the natural disaster here, instead of returning to the state he continued his trip.

What was his justification? He'd promised his family this trip for awhile and it would be wrong to break a promise. Excuse me if I'm crazy, but didn't he take an oath when he took office that meant his duty to New Jersey was to come before all else? I mean, his family could have continued their little holiday and he himself could have just come back...but nooooo that would be asking too much of our elected official!

Then Mr. High & Mighty fills out the forms wrong to ask the federal government for all the funds NJ is entitled to. And he has the nerve to blame the president for HIS mistake. Meanwhile, on the state's dime he takes helicopters and limos to theater and sporting events.

Oh eventually he paid back the cost of ONE of his inappropriate trips but only after public outcry. And now he's f**ked me over royally. I'm disabled. I have severe epileptic seizures, so severe that if I ever hit two certain spots on my head again I will die instantly. Epileptics aren't allowed to drive for obvious reasons.

I got medical transportation through my secondary inurance. Well good old Governor Shaft The Poor decided that no longer would my transportation be provided by that insurance but instead would be outsourced to a company in Georgia. This company hasn't received notice that I require transportation with an EMT due to my seizures so they have downgraded me to regular medical transportation with a company called Elite.

Slight problem with Elite. The whole reason I was upgraded to EMT transport is because Elite refuses to allow me into their vehicles with seizures due to insurance issues. So, as of now I have NO transportation to medical appointments AT ALL! But Mr. Shaft The Poor has no such problems.

Just a couple days ago he was rushed to the hospital with breathing problems because he has asthma. In a public statement he praised the staff of the hospital and their high quality care. But me, a poor woman on disability has no such quality care and all because of him and his determination to get rich off the backs of the innocent.

And what has gone on in D.C. recently with the debt ceiling vote that threatened my disability check on top of all this is just one more reason that I think we'd all be better off if politicians could be thrown in jail every time they break they're promises to the people.


gail roughton branan said...

Oh Kat! Why don't you call one of the radio stations and/or see if you can do an article in the newspaper? You know when the media catches a story about an individual as opposed to just "folks affected" that's frequently the only reason politicians start backtracking! LOVE!

J.S. Wayne said...

Arrest them all, starting with Congress, throw them all in Leavenworth, and let them sit there for a minute. The charge: High treason and malfeasance of office. Then take a phone book and pick two names at random from each state. Call them and say, "Your plane ticket's at the airport. Be in Washington at 9am tomorrow morning, Senator."
Let's see what the people without PoliSci degrees can do to fix what the allegedly educated elite f*cked up!

Kat said...

I've contacted my local news stations Gail but Christie is known for not caring about public pressure. The guy's a bukky.

And J.S. Wayne i totally agree with you. There is a major problem when only rich people can get in who don't understand and or care about the rest of us who aren't rich.