Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Friday, May 4, 2012

Love is a Many Splendored Thing

I just saw

 Anna Paquin, who is expecting her first child with hubby Stephen Moyer, tells Zooey magazine that her bisexuality is “not really an issue. ”
Anna Paquin's comments about her being a bi-sexual woman, married to a man, pregnant by him, but still proud of her claiming the label "bisexual".

Long ago I came to the realization that

LOVE is the only truth worthy of my supporting.

Does that sound weird?

We are taught the

soul within us is the essence of

God...the image of

God we all share...the flesh is like the

shell many sea creatures shed when they no longer need the protection of that shell and

must search for a different shell. This analogy works for me as I have strived over the years to understand who I am in the grander scheme of things. After all, when I place myself against every molecule that comprises the Universe God created as His incubator, I am a mere

granule of sand on the biggest beach mankind can imagine.

If my soul IS God's mirror within me, does it have a gender?

I admit I have never seen my soul with the eyes I currently look upon the world with, so I cannot say with absolute certainty it does not have

breasts, and the other female accoutrement's that determine my femininity, but IF my soul had those things, I have to conclude they'd poke out of this

FLESH shell I live in...wouldn't they?

Therefore rational thinking suggests my soul is genderless...which brings me back to the theme of

Anna Paquin's conclusions and my interpretations of them.

Bi-sexual...is she?

If her soul is genderless, as I assume all of our souls are, then it would seem to me, the soul does not respond to the lures of the outer shell, but to the essence of the inner soul.

If that is the true key to love and attraction, then gender issues are nothing more than human-kinds attempts at explaining what is God's purview.

I can see many of you shaking your head, or worse, getting blastingly angry at this concept, but think back at mankind's many attempts over the eons to explain God.

Once upon a time it was against the law to think the earth was not the center of the universe...yet we now know the earth is not even the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Once upon a time it was believed the earth was flat. Christopher Columbus, sailing off to find a faster route to the spices available in the east, by accident, discovered the earth is ROUND just like the moon and sun that lights up the sky of man's history.

I am human, with the human limits upon my understanding of God's designs, but during my many college years, and while earning my

multitude of college degrees, ( I have five so far,) I think I have come across the one truth that is spread universally through all our tenaciously held beliefs...

Love is the core of God's designs.

If I am right and the soul is genderless, Anna Paquin is not responding to the gender controversy plaguing our human comfort zones, but the

soul's recognition of another soul we are meant to love and share this life span, no matter how briefly or how long, with.

So Anna Paquin, you are not hetero-bi-homo or any other sexual label mankind has decided we need to explain that which is not within our wisdom to explain...You are

soul driven, and I cannot believe that's wrong or against God's truth.

Love in any one of its many guises is NOT evil!


Tanja said...

Could it be that she's showing off, just so she can be different from the hoi polloi who flaunt their (uni-?) sexuality? Could it be that her partner finds her claims erogenous?

Lin said...

Could be, but this wasn't really about her. It's about me and what I believe.

As you say, it might very well be their need to engage in things outside the accepted norm and make headlines doing so...sorta "no publicity is bad publicity."

But Sweetie, I've loved you from the start, and it is NOT erogenous..it is however from the place I know of as my soul.

Tanja said...

Yes indeed; Lin, souls, and spirits, are genderless; you and I don't need claptrap to describe what we are and what we feel.

Lin said...

Very True. You blessed me when you entered my life and I do not take you and all that you are for granted.

Kay Dee Royal said...

All that you've said here, Lin, resonates with my beliefs as well. After all...we are all connected at a soul level...in a God-conscious way OR Universal Christ-conscious way (not meaning any ONE religion...or any religion at all...only the connectedness between all things living) and as you say...at that level, we are genderless, only energy...a blend of female and male energy:)

Hugs to you Lin...like the blog!

Lin said...

Thanks Sweetie. Hugs back.