Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Monday, January 27, 2014


I have long believed the amount of bucks in your bank account is a poor measure of your success. My father married money. If I measured his life's success, I'd have to say, thanks to the money he acquired when he married my mother, a functioning alcoholic...sort of...he could manipulate HER bank balance reflecting the success of my great grandfather and great uncle...not Dad's own, or for that matter, my mother's own efforts.

Kat and I barely have more than a pail to dunk our sponge mop in, and yet...in the last three years, since we released our first books at MuseItUp Publishing we have acquired a rather impressive array of awards...some for our books, some for our blogs, and some just because we try very hard to help others coming along this path behind us.

What do you think? Wanna see some of our awards?

I, L.J. Holmes won the 

FIFTH place award in the Preditors and Editors 2010 Readers Poll for my debut book SANTA IS A LADY. 

Not bad for a newbie. This book released Dec. 1, 2010 so was only out and qualified for three weeks before the voting began. Being new I had no idea what this Poll was or how anyone went about getting their work into the running.

In 2011 Kat Holmes, my brilliant daughter took 

TENTH place in the MYSTERY category with HER debut MuseItUp Novel 


So we're doing good right?

In that same year because I found out I can blog like nobody's business I took a bunch of awards...

A LOT of awards right?

And this year 2013, Kat and I have taken between us SEVEN top ten P&E awards:

Yeah..this one won in TWO categories.

So here we are...with our awards for top ten and blogging...but what does it mean? 

Can anyone tell us? All this work to make OUR place...but what does it mean? NINE total top ten P&E awards and THIRTEEN assorted blog/friend awards.

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