Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Sunday, November 3, 2013


This is an ongoing post because bad covers are like that bad penny.

So let me start...When you get a mockup from a CA who has been doing your covers for over a year...and knows your authorial name...your one and only correction should not be a glaring mistake the CA made

So you end up on that CA's crap-list and you get this...

I'm sorry. at no time should font be almost impossible to read, and as the author, I'd really have liked to have my title at least be legible...but it also would have been nice if you could have read my name too.

What cover will I expose next? How about CRIMSON WATERS?

This is the bleached version the CA promised was the start of fixing the issues Kat had about the original...

This is supposed to be Poseidon, but he was not a black torso...yet the full bleaching including getting rid of the blood which is just downright gruesome...but was never done...the black torso was passed on through. BAD, BAD, BAD cover.

Before I move on with the bad, wanted to show you 

TWO great mockups for one of my soon to be releasing books. Both are fantastic...

no errors...just professional magic.

Absolutely breathtakingly amazing!

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