Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Politicians aren't real people...they can't be! Real people don't arrogantly stand nose-to-nose, unwilling to give the slightest of inch fractions while holding the future of the rest of us in their blustering harrangues.

God NEVER intended the wealth of any piece of what will always be HIS world to be held hostage by those that hoarde it, covet it, and manipulate it for their own design.

The Creator placed Abundance upon this earth that belongs NOT to the cunning, but to ALL creatures placed here on earth. Mankind is but ONE of the Creator's species and, given how we callously treat each other and act as if the OTHER creatures can be cut off at the pass when whims hit us, not the best example of the Creator's benevelonce.

What, I wonder, would happen if that Almighty Creator got royally ticked at this charade politicians play and decided to mete out JUSTICE...not the kind that can be bought with a compilation of zeroes behind any number between 1 & 9, but the Justice that truly IS based on the acts each of us have perpetrated during our brief, all too often foolhardy, time in the Driver's seat?

North America is one of the RICHEST land masses on the entire planet, yet all you have to do is open your eyes and see the many vetrans, women,and  children, living on the street because those in power would rather beef up their own coffers by catering to special interests, who don't NEED any special treatment. SHAMEFUL!

You who hold the fates of those that voted you in and those that did not believe you had their backs in your covetous hands need to remember...life is finite and you can't take it with you. All your undercutting, your manipulations will not show up as postives on the important ledger, the one that will be opened and reviewed when REAL justice is meted out.

So all you posturing idiots, stop playing with the masses, before the BIG KAHUNA decides ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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