Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Monday, July 4, 2011


If you dish it out, why do you call

foul when it comes back around? You know the old saying,

"what goes around comes around."

Ever since he won the election, the discontented losers have been

casting stones, bricks, or anything else at our current

President about the truth behind his birthplace. Over and over he has been accused of misleading the masses concerning the legitimacy of his citizenry. (Does no one remember how foolish we looked to the world back in the days when

Kenneth Starr rabidly went after any mud he could sling at then sitting

President Clinton? We need to keep repeating such tomfoolery?)

Last week, an old pile of mud came back to rile former VP and potential 2012 Presidential candidate

Sarah Palin concerning who actually gave birth to Trig Palin...the child no one remembers ever seeing Ms. Palin burgeoning with.

(Ms. Palin pregnant in 1989...

Contrasted with Ms. Palin right before Trig's birth...

Ms. Palin is ranting and raving, blustering, and huffing, calling the media and all her doubters vile names, yet she was one of the first to stand up and accuse President Obama of being a FALSE American.

The Birthers...

and Lord who decided to create such a

firestorm over something that would have been vetted long before Barack Obama was placed on any presidential ticket?

The birthers forced our President to divert his energies from bringing this Country back from the edge of collapse to produce his actual certificate even though the

Governor of his State of original, Hawaii, had repeatedly attested

to it's legal


Ms. Palin does not like revisiting a subject she ASSUMED had been amply

swept beneath her media carpet. I'm sure President Obama was not pleased to have to deal with the baseless attacks against his citizenship either.

So Ms. Palin, what goes around indeed does come around. In your case, I would say produce the birth certificate, except you were the Governor of Alaska land of Trig's birth, even though you claimed you went into labor while standing at the
dais in Texas.

Therefore I would say if you really want to put these "rumors" to bed, you need to produce

DNA results from a reputable lab.

Personally, I do not believe this child is yours. The only reason I think Trig MIGHT be yours is the part

age plays in the creation of children born with

Down Syndrome. That said, however, it is also a known fact that children born with Down's can be created in

mothers that are young as well.

Each pregnancy a woman's body goes through, alters the ligaments within the gestational and surrounding organs...

which means you start showing your condition earlier and earlier each time.

With my last pregnancy by the time I was four weeks along, I looked four months. Unless you surrounded yourself with some really dynamic

smoke and mirrors, there's no way you could have carried a child within your petiteness and not have shown!


Put up, Ms. Palin! You felt it was fair to make President Obama reveal HIS truth, so why should you be


You chose to play with the Big Boys, and that means secrets cannot be sustained with other Big Boys nipping at your heels.

Is Trig yours...or are you a Granny twice over?

Give Up The Proof!

I'm already

skeptical about your abilities to run this Country. (You couldn't even fulfill your term as governor.)

You outed your teen-aged daughter to cover for the firestorm over Trig swirling around you when you were running to be

McCain's VP. If you will throw your child to the

wolves as you did with Bristol, what's to keep you form throwing the rest of us out there too?

Ms. Palin, a cute face and body just are NOT enough!

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