Dumbass Independent Award

Dumbass Independent Award

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I was not alive during

World War Two.

I'm a baby boomer. None of us ASKED to be born, but once here we played by the rules.

I was born during one of the non-declared

POLICE actions that sure mimicked war, afterwards...but I have researched this Country's actions during that long war. I've even compared the reactions we had to the

Pearl Harbor assualt,

and 9/11.

After Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese Empire, every

man, woman, and child in this


came together to respond.

Uncle Sam posters telling one and all that Uncle Sam wanted YOU went up and were responded to.

Rationing became

the norm rather than the exception, and no one gawked about doing their share.

Men went to war,

women went into the factories. Everyone stepped up.

9/11, in the days immediately afterwards, when we were all

stunned and

hurting, we walked around asking why, and how could we help?

Cars began proudly displaying the American flag, but

what other concessions did we as a Country make? The

huge surplus inherited by the administration had already turned into a deficit before the attack of 9/11.

How do you fund a war when there is nothing in the war chest or supposedly anywhere else to support it?


was the answer...

rationing for


and history had shown the

Country would support going after the people responsible for this atrocity.

During the Second World War,

ALL Americans were called to protect and serve, but after 9/11, when all WANTED to do something, the powers that be determined the upper 2% must not be disturbed by the

ugliness of

war. The draft

was not reinstated...

rationing was not instituted, the people of this Country did not find "Uncle Sam Wants You Posters" everywhere. Instead for public schools

to continue getting federal funding to educate the young and the future of this Country,

military recruiters had to be allowed to go into our schools,

without notifying parents, and

sign our poorest up to go and die for a Country that was founded on


May I just revert to a part of me that I try very hard not to let loose...


Here we are nearing the decade anniversary of that horrible assault, and I ask how many of the people inside the


Beltway, present and past, have had any member of their family over their fighting what has turned into THIS generation's

Viet Nam?

Where has the money come to fund this war that

turned its eye away from those really responsible for 9/11?

We heard how important fighting in Iraq was to our National Security, not one of those telling us that thought it important enough to send members of their own family's over to engage the enemy.

Where did the money come from? Given the staggering numbers connected to the deficit, not from our own resources.

Why am I writing this now?

Today I learned the Government is going to rework the formula for giving Social Security recipients their

cost of living increases.

For the past several years Social Security recipients have not received ANY

cost of living increase at all.

We've been told the cost of living has remained in stasis...Am I the only one who's noticed the cost of

EVERYTHING has not stayed static but


Two years...where did the money from THAT

sacrifice go?

We watch the billions being tossed out there every year for potential candidates to run for office. THEY can find

money for their needs, but once they're in, they can't find the money to do the jobs they're elected to do.

Once upon a time, this Country pulled together and because of that cohesiveness, proved it was worthy of being a

World Power.

Those that today make up that 2% and control the big money, should be ashamed to live in the lap of their

loopholes of luxury, while the elderly, upon the backs of whom the Country rose up and won against the

maniacal aggressors, are the ones that should be raped of the benefits they worked and fought for?

This is wrong! If you have to cap something, cap the amounts the politicians can spend on their elections. Re-instate the draft and make

the consequences of war, universal. (Those who stand to lose their loved ones are less eager to fund and support useless wars.)

We never belonged in Iraq, but we dropped the ball on where we DID belong, telling the world we, the US people are capricious about war, life, and accountability.



Patton, all of them must be

spinning in their graves, as are

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin.

Our elderly and

disabled deserve NOT to be the

scapegoats for the arrogant

incompetence and

greed of the government.

FDR created

Social Security and

President Eisenhour said only a

FOOL would mess with it...so to our current leaders, STOP BEING



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